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A. OverviewPort of the Queen, that's the name of the beach is located approximately 60 km south Sukabumi this. This beach is one of the attractions of pride Government Sukabumi, West Java. Sightseeing is quite famous for her beautiful natural scenery, the cool air, and a vast expanse of sand.In addition to its natural beauty, Harbor Beach is also famous for its party queen of the sea, which melarungkan buffalo heads and other offerings into the sea. This tradition is organized by local fishermen every once a year on April 5. This tradition is an expression of gratitude to God for the gift that has been given in the form of fish catches. Sea party is usually accompanied by a variety of activities such as social, competitions, and entertainment performances (puppet, dangdut, bands, dances, etc.). This tradition lasted for two days and one night. To attend the event free of charge.

B. FeatureThe attraction is the Queen's Harbour Beach sea water wave condition is quite suitable when used for surfing sports, because the height of the wave is quite stable. With the condition of the water like that, then there are a few beaches where surfing is often visited by tourists, the Stone Guram, Karang Sari, Cimaja, Karang Haji, Indicator, Sunset Beach, Seven Waves, and end tiles. Some surf spots are visited by travelers precisely in May to October, when the high tide conditions.Besides suitable as a place to surf, beach Harbour Queen also presents the beauty of nature in the form of rocks jutting into the sea. On top of this rock, tourists can sit while fishing or just to see splashes of sea water crashing rocks similar to pearl beads. From the top of the rock, travelers can see the fishing boats looking for fish looked from a distance. The ships were seen in small boats like toys that are floating.After being down beauty queen Harbour Beach, tourists can try out the mystical aura that is on Ocean Beach Hotel which is located about 300 meters from the beach. In the hotel there is a mystical story about the existence of room No.. 13 which is said to be a stopover Queen of the South Seas, "Nyai Roro Kidul". This room is often used as a place of tranquility and meditation asking for blessings in life. In that room, travelers may also doing meditation or just look around the sacred atmosphere of the room. Once inside the room, the traveler will be surprised with the mystical atmosphere and design of the room is dominated by the color green. That said, it is a favorite color of Nyi Roro Kidul. Besides the color, the accessories in the room was also the ambiance of South Beach Palace is quite magnificent.
In the area attractions Harbour Beach Queen is also known by the annual ritual organized by the local community, the ritual holy bathing or Ngabungbang. Ngabungbang word comes from "Nga" meaning ngahijikan (unite) and "bungbang" which means giving up or clean up. In general, this means holy bath ritual to remove bad elements, both physically and spiritually. In addition, the ritual is also intended as a means of asking God's forgiveness, asking for the strength to achieve all goals, and expect to improve the quality of life of prosperity. This annual tradition held on the evening (starting at 24.00 pm) at the 14th full moon in the month of Maulud, and located at the mouth of the River Cisukawayana, Beach Harbor Queen.According to local people, this tradition was originally created by Brahma Hyang King of the Kingdom of Medang Gali (galih / galuh) in 175-205 AD The ritual is then forwarded by the King of the Kingdom of Padjadjaran Siliwangi and grow until now.This tourist area is also equipped with a fish auction (TPI), which sell a variety of fish such as cakalan, layur, squid, pomfret, shrimp, and other fresh condition. Travelers can bring home fish to the sea-family home. For tourists who want to see the process of landing boats of fishermen at sea, can visit the fish auction at around 11:00 to 13:00 pm. In the hours are usually fishermen were landing ships.If travelers want to continue traveled around the Sukabumi, there are other attractions that are not less interesting, namely Hawu Coral Beach is located about 20 km from Port Beach Queen. This beach is said to be the location of the palace Nyai Roro Kidul.

C. LocationHarbor Beach is located in the District of Port Ratu Ratu, Sukabumi District, West Java Province, Indonesia. 
D. AccessTo visit the Queen Harbour Beach, travelers can take public transportation (bus) from Terminal Bogor. From this terminal, travelers take the bus majors Bogor-Sukabumi the rate of about Rp 15,000. Then after arriving at Terminal Sukabumi, majoring Sukabumi bus-port Queen and dropped at the site (November 2008). 
E. Ticket PricesTo be able to get into the area attractions Harbour Beach Queen, every visitor will be charged an entrance fee of Rp 2,000 per person (November 2008). 
F. Accommodation and Other FacilitiesFacilities at this beach attractions such as prayer room, ample parking area, children's playground, a place to relax, and some of the food stalls that sell a variety of food and beverages. In addition, there are also stalls of clothing, souvenirs and souvenirs typical of Sukabumi. For travelers who need lodging facilities, there are various inns and hotels in the tourist area, ranging from class to class star jasmine. Other supporting facilities are a restaurant, a security guard (SAR), and map information.

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